IPHMR is one of the best sources for managerial talent in pharmaceutical and healthcare management. C MARC, the promoter of IPHMR, has over the years, since its inception in 1977, become an institution engaged in doing research in healthcare delivery system on a continuous basis. IPHMR is an extended expression of C MARC as a committed institution for providing specialized human resources as future leaders of the industry with sense of perspective for shaping the destiny in an environment with globalized outlook.

IPHMR was christened by the pharma industry stalwarts comprising of nationals, multinationals and transnationals to contribute effectively to this distinctive vision with creativity in a grand meet of the industry on December 18, 2003 at Mumbai.

Pharma is the second fastest growing sector in India, achieving explosive growth over the last decade and poised to be the world’s third largest Pharma industry.
  Registered as a non-profit organization committed exclusively to the service of the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry with vision and perspective through:
  • Focused development of skill in pharmaceutical/healthcare industry providing fully tailored academic input and down-to-earth application oriented training
  • Requiring specialized skill derived from top grade knowledge out of long industry exposure and unique service research for growth and development of the industry
  • Coupled with basic research for the development of the industry in the short, medium and long range context on global setting
  • For? offering profitable consultancy service to the industry covering both micro and macro identity
  • To enable all those concerned to acquire leadership capability over time to establish adequate command over the mindset backed by hard work and passion for creativity and excellence as preconditions for innovative leadership.
Our Founder    
  Indian Economy is growing fast and a two digit growth is within our reach. In such a challenging scenario it is essential to build in our country a platform to nurture its competitive advantage. India is known for its intellectual excellence when it comes to information technology. We believe that we are in the threshold of a revolution in the area of pharmaceuticals and healthcare as well.

To drive this revolution the pharmaceutical industry needs a strong base of young managers who can combine the knowledge of Biosciences and Medical Sciences with that of management and legal skills. To achieve this, it requires a unique institution dedicated to pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.It has to provide not only a base but also a foundation with vision of contributing towards welfare and health of the nation.
The Late Prof. Chitta Mitra    

With this perspective IPHMR is different from other management institutions. To further the needs of WTO regime IPHMR has entered into a MOU with West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences for providing specific knowledge input on IPR to our students of Executive Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management programme.

  Deep commitment with conviction and sense of perspective for continued growth and development of quality manpower for value oriented leadership with accountability to care for a healthier world.  
  Nurture innovative academic environment with creative commitment for faculty, scholars, students, researchers and working executives to work in close association with leaders of industry, Universities and Institutions of both national and international repute with a view to creating ideal blending of teaching, consultancy and research for developing a world class academic system to foster growth of healthier world striving for Cure and Prevention.  
  Established in 1977 C MARC is known for over the years as an institution engaged in doing research in healthcare delivery system with the objective of promoting managed care on an ongoing basis. Its uniqueness lies just not in being the only service provider in the pharmaceutical service industry accomplishing a behavioural research through prescription research to reflect the wisdom, the mindset, the attitude and confidence of the prescriber in ensuring managed care covering both prevention and cure or relief to the patients but the uniqueness lies in the perspective and beliefs in its committed service with humility and its colossal effect in improving its quality to all its service users.

Uniqueness of C MARC is established through innovative analysis of the mind of the doctor.

IPHMR is thus recognized as the institutionalized expression of C MARC. IPHMR strives to maintain its uniqueness through sound application based academic development.
  • For turning out seasoned leaders over time for industry on the globalised setting in the post IPR era
  • With focus on effective research and development activities involving innovative practice.

While IPHMR seeks to provide the stage for effective demonstration of industry skills in global settings C MARC acts as the green room for effective research back up.